Certificate of Pedigree  
  Breed:  Irish Setter Ch. Summerset Double Trouble  
  AKC Number: Hazelhill Sugarshack  
  Date Whelped:      Ch. Hazelhill Sweet Cakes      
  Color:  Mahogany Ch. Quailfield Successful Business  
  Sex:       Ch. Meadowlark Vindicator, ROM  
    Ch. Qualfield Red Hot Business  
  Breeder:  Carmen and Gail Paludi   Ch. Kerry-Eire Coral Charm  
    Ch. Meadowlark's Vindicator, ROM  
  Ch. Ballymera's Whisperin' Secrets Ch. Meadowlark's Masterful  
          Meadowlark's Solitaire      
    Ch. Meadowlark's Whisperin' Breeze  
      Ch. Courtwood Marxman  
    Meadowlark's Wyndchimes  
    Meadowlark's Aviance  
    Ch. Courtwood Summer Forecast, ROM  
  Ch. Windrose Flyin' First Class Ch. Kerry-Eire Heaven Only Knows, CD  
          Ch. Kerry-Eire Little Rebel, CD, VC      
  Sire   Ch. Sunshine's First Rate  
            Ch. Charlton's London Fog  
        Ch. Chandar' s Laura Ashley  
        Ch. Chandar's Rainbows 'N Roses  
        Ch. Meadowlark's Vindicator, ROM  
    Ch. Sunshine's Luck Be A Lady Ch. Quailfield's Makin' Business ROM  
          Ch. Kerry-Eire Coral Charm      
    Ch. Ballymera's Best Yet  
      Ch. Meadowlark's Masterful  
    Ch. Meadowlark's Whisperin' Breeze  
    Meadowlark's Wyndchimes  
    Ch. Meadowlark Vindicator, ROM  
    Registered Name Ch. Castelbar Command Presence  
        Ch. Sardonyx Castlebar Witsend      
    Ch. Red Barn's Wild Colonial Boy  
          Ch. Kimberlin O'Killea O'Top  
      Ch. Red Barn's Molly Pitcher  
      Ch. Red Barn Revoluntionary Star  
      Ch. Devlin's Sweet Music Man  
    Ch. Damon's Red Barn Fugitive Valley View Puttin' on the Ritz  
            Valley View Bright Lights      
      Ch. Red Barn Valley View Velvet  
        Ch. Quinniver's Intermezzo  
      Valley View Cinnamon  
      Valley View Spiced Right  
      Ch. Cucuhullain Dr. Suess, CDX  
  Damon's Unchained Melody Ch. Liafail London Pride  
        Ch. Liafail Londonderry Aire      
  Dam   Ch. Kerry-Eire Tap Dancin'  
          Ch. Kerry-Eire Revolutionary  
      Ch. Kerry-Eire Coral Charm  
      Ch. Liafail Sea Urchin  
      Ch. Meadowlark's Intrepid  
  Damon's Princess Nahuel Ch. Meadowlark's Vindicator, ROM  
        Ch. Meadowlark's Magical Mirage      
  Ch. Kerry-Eire Miss Busyness  
  I certify, that to the best of my knowledge,   Ch. Kerry-Eire Revolutionary  
  all the information contained herein is accurate. Ch. Kerry-Eire Coral Charm  
  Ch. Liafail Sea Urchin  
  Signature: Address:  145 N. Main St., Mont Vernon NH  03057